3/8 Minus Rock / Road Rock

Used in asphalt mixes, roads, and winter ice control.

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Product Description

Pattison ROAD ROCK 3/8 MINUS is produced using the highest quality ordovician dolomitic limestone. It is manufactured to specific physical properties and sizes.  Because the material is manufactured from high grade ordovician dolomitic limestone, it contains minimal deleterious materials. When Pattison ROAD ROCK 3/8 MINUS is used, it has exceptional friction factor, improving traction and life expectancy, freeze/thaw impacts, and reduced maintenance costs.

Road Rock

ROAD ROCK is also known as concrete sand, unwashed asphalt stone, manufactured sand, ManSand, asphalt material and washed asphalt chips, Pattison produces these products in our state-of-the-art, jaw/cone crushing plant featuring compression crushing technology.  It is is designed to  increase fractured faces.

This rock generally last 2 to 4 times longer than native rock where our Trans loads are located.  Normal DOT # 11 gradation.

Road Rock Certifications

Pattison high quality Ordovician Dolomitic Limestone is used in Department of Transportation interstates and highways, hot mix asphalt roads, chip overlays, ultra thin overlays, microsurfacing, and chip seal roads.

Exceptional Quality Source Material

This material requires specific physical properties. Pattison’s quarries feature a variety of ledges that yield materials that meet our customer’s specific needs. Pattison’s ROAD ROCK is produced from selected ledges of high quality rock which are durable and contain minimal deleterious material. As a result, it outperforms materials from non-Ordovician limestone quarries on freeze thaw, abrasion, specific gravity and absorption tests.

Road Rock Production

Pattison ROAD ROCK is of exceptional quality and are approved by the Departments of Transportation in Iowa, Missouri, and Minnesota  It is the optimal choice aggregate for asphalt and concrete material projects.

Because Pattison uses a direct to rail transfer system, these products move quickly from production to rail with minimal handling. This  reduces product degradation and handling costs.



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We are one of the only sources of Aggregates and Proppants that can load directly to CP Railroads, Truck or Barge from the same facility.

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