Railcar Storage

If you pay significant demurrage, storage charges, incur down time because of no cars and or are returning cars – you need to call Pattison to lower your cost.

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Innovative railcar storage solutions

Reduce demurrage, storage and loading down time with Pattison's Innovative Railcar Solution

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Railcar Storage Impact on Pattison


Currently stored railcars at onsite and offsite locations.


Net lease railcars managed by Pattison.


Individual railcar lease agreements.


Monthly decrease of 35% in railcar costs.

Why our solution
is different.


Patent pending railcar storage & retrieval system

Pattison Sand railcar transport system made easier
Moves empty cars quickly from main track to storage track in areas that were not possible before.
Photo of railcar storage located a distance from rail lines
Storage tracks can be located a distance from rail lines with no connecting spur.

Compact rail system designed to maximize space.

Fit 100 railcars into a space where conventional railcar storage would typically be impossible.

Pattison Sand railcar storage
Our specially engineered compact storage rail can be installed on virtually any flat ground, onsite and/or offsite, without expensive switching equipment.

Make railcar management easier

Pattison Sand compact rail storage made easier
Compact storage rail can be installed on your property or at Pattison.
Pattison Sand railcar storage can be retrieved in hours
Improve rail efficiency by storing empty cars on our compact rail system, reintegrating them onto the main line as needed.

Pattison railcar storage solutions reduce storage & demurrage fees.

Our innovative, cost efficient Railcar Storage solutions improve storage logistics, cycle times, and reduce fees.

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