Clean Stone

Washed 3/8 chips for asphalt and chip seal applications.

Product Info

Product Description

Pattison CLEAN STONE is produced using a variety of Ordovician limestone types located throughout the Pattison Quarry. Because of the number of uses for this material, it is manufactured to a variety of sizes and desired physical properties. Clean Stone is dry screened and does not contain fines increasing aggregate permeability. This results in an excellent bedding material that reduces absorption and resists freeze/thaw degradation.

Clean Stone – Ordovician Dolomitic Limestone

CLEAN STONE is also known as  pipe bedding, clean rock, porous backfill, porous fill, chips, bedding stone, drain rock, underlayment, base material, pothole repair stone, and clean chips. Pattison produces CLEAN STONE products in our state-of-the-art, jaw/cone crushing plant. Our crushing plant is built around a sophisticated compression crushing technology that reduces fines generation and increase fractured faces.

Where is Clean Stone Used

Pattison CLEAN STONE is used as an underlayment, pipe bedding, and road base. It is used in drainage fields, walkways, construction projects, and landscaping. CLEAN STONE is loaded for shipping with our direct to rail transfer system. As a result, products move quickly from production to rail with minimal handling, dramatically reducing product degradation and loading costs.

Clean Stone Production

This material is commonly ordered in specific sizes and physical properties. Because of this, we harvest material from a variety of Ordovician Dolomitic Limestone ledges within our quarry to meet specific requirements. Pattison’s stone products are sourced from a variety of very high quality ledges, each with specific properties. Limestone extracted from these ledges contains minimal deleterious material, and performs exceedingly well on multiple quality assurance tests.

Pattison CLEAN STONE meets the quality usage designations in the states of Iowa, Missouri and Minnesota.



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