Dairy Bedding Sand

Low opportunistic pathogen loading. Helps to drain away moisture and leaked milk.

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Pattison Sand Company produces the highest quality screened sand, free of clay and other deleterious materials that is perfectly suited for dairy bedding.

In relation to milk production, bedding quality matters. 

Pattison’s Dairy Sand is a fully washed and dried product, providing exceptionally high quality bedding material for your livestock.

Readily available at the right price.

Pattison Sand Company’s dairy sand receives the highest accolades from Dairy Producers in Northeast Iowa and Southwest Wisconsin. This high quality material is used primarily in dairy free stall operations, but is also an excellent alternative for dry cow and heifer facilities.

Benefits of Pattison Bedding Sand

  • Very Clean – No lumps , clumps or frozen material,  up to 60% less solids left in the pit after clean out.
  • Fine Screened – It contains zero to minimal oversized grains, Various Types of sand to meet facility requirements.
  • DS20/40 for sand lanes, provides for easy and very efficient reclaiming.
  • Dry – Cows prefer warm, dry bedding material. Cuts down on cow lameness and hoof issues.
  • Resistant to bacterial growth – Minimizes bacterial growth which lowers incidences of clinical mastitis caused by environmental organisms such as E coli, and environmental streptococci.
  • Better Footing – Consistently sized bedding material reduces the number instances of swollen hocks, hair off hocks, and knee injuries, Helps to lower incidences of herd slipping in alleyways.
  • Absorbent – Absorbent material wicks away moisture, preventing hoof disease and lameness.
  • Reclaim Abilities – Based on the particular type of system used in the operation, Our dairy sand can be reclaimed and used again.
  • Ease of Movement – Promotes a greater ease when rising and lying improving blood flow.
  • Longer Resting Times – Promotes longer resting times, which results in higher milk production and quality.
Pattison Sand Komatsu Dump Truck inside quarry



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